October 25, 2021

Dealing with currency risk: How you can hedge

When doing business with foreign currencies, Amazon Sellers always take a certain risk. For this reason, we would like to explain to you in this post how to deal with such currency risk. For this, we have received a few tips from our partner iBanFirst* that will help you deal with these risks. This way, you will make sure that your profit is not decimated too much.

Tip 1: Inventory

When taking stock, you should first compile your foreign currency assets and liabilities. Once you have done this, it will be much easier to assess your situation. You should also anticipate in advance what payments you will receive or send out each year. This will allow you to set a more reliable budget. The whole thing may sound a bit complicated now. Therefore, if you need help with foreign currency payments, we can refer you to iBanFirst*. The company specializes in exactly these business processes and has already helped numerous customers to expand their online business internationally.

Tip 2: Choose the right exchange rates

After you have collected all this data, the next step is to set your foreign exchange policy. This means that you decide which exchange rates to choose. On the one hand, you can choose systematic risk hedging. In addition, you can also be selective and take only safe exchange rates.

Tip 3: Protect yourself

You also have the option of using a hedging strategy to protect yourself. You should pay particular attention to the quality of hedging products. Depending on the risk you want to take, you then decide on an option. However, we recommend that you consult with an expert from iBanFirst*.

Tip 4: Keep an eye on risks

In conclusion, you should always make sure to keep an eye on any risks. So, save all the data about profits and losses on foreign exchange deals so that you can deal with exchange rate risk. Also, don't try to make huge profits from forex trades, but focus on finding a good balance.

That was our overview of how you can manage currency risk. Do you have any further questions about the various services offered by iBanFirst or do you need other support in your online business? Then feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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