March 30, 2022

Amazon Webinars April 2022: What to expect

In April 2022 there will be interesting Amazon webinars that sellers can participate in. In this article you can get an overview of the individual dates. Accordingly, we also go into the content of the individual training courses. You can either attend the workshops in real time or follow the recordings later.

Amazon webinars in April 2022

In the Amazon webinars in the coming month, experts from a wide range of areas will advise you. The free workshops always provide important insights and in most cases are aimed at both beginners and advanced sellers. Below you will find an overview of the various events:

  • European Shipping Network: 05.04. 11 a.m.
    • The European Shipping Network or EFN is now open again from the European Union to the United Kingdom. A tax service provider will advise you accordingly on tax issues relating to the topic.
  • A+ content: 05.04. 3 p.m.
    • In this webinar for advanced sellers, you can learn how to get the most out of A+ Content for your sale on Amazon. You can also find more information about A+ Content
  • Amazon Business: 06.04. 11 a.m.
    • This event is also aimed at beginners. In it, you will learn how to use Amazon Business and increase your overall visibility on Amazon.
  • Pan-European shipping: 12.04. 11 a.m.
    • Here, advanced sellers can learn to take advantage of Pan-European Shipping. You will also learn how to register in other countries.

More Webinars

  • Prime Day 2022: 13.04. 11 a.m.
    • This webinar prepares you for Prime Day 2022. Among other things, it is about promotions that have been specially developed for this event. You will also find out which authorizations you must fulfill in each case.
  • After-sales service: 19.04. 11 a.m.
    • Here you can get information if you process your orders yourself. For example, it is about faster returns and a good relationship with your customers.
  • Excess inventory: 19.04. 2 p.m.
    • If you often have excess inventory, this workshop will teach you how to deal with it.

That was the most important information about the upcoming webinars. More details on the other events will follow next week. Do you also have questions about the Amazon webinars in April 2022 or would you like to register for one of the events? We will be happy to assist you in this regard with words and deeds. Just send us a message – of course completely non-binding.

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