May 21, 2021

Amazon tax code list: Store correct codes for products

Correct specification of tax codes is very important for Amazon sellers, as otherwise tax problems can arise. For this reason, we would like to inform you today about the options you have when depositing the codes. In doing so, we also give our own recommendation. Furthermore, we have created a list of Amazon tax codes, which contains each individual code with the corresponding products and the respective tax rate.

Deposit tax codes correctly with Amazon

There are three different options for depositing tax codes: Firstly, as a seller you have the option of setting a tax code for your account. This code then automatically applies to all your products on Amazon. Secondly, you can specify which tax code is suitable for each product individually. The third option is to set a general code for the account, but to adjust the tax code for each product if necessary. We recommend the second option because this way you are guaranteed to enter the correct tax code in every case. This should be a priority for you, as otherwise you will face tax problems. The individual entry of the codes is done either via Seller Central or before uploading a product in an Excel file.

These tax codes exist

To give you an overview, we have created an overall overview from the various pages in Seller Central, in which you will find the tax codes for every product category that exists on Amazon. The list includes books, clothing, food and drugstore products. In the last column you can also see the respective tax rate that applies in Germany.


Tax code Designation Products included Tax rate in Germany
A_BOOKS_GEN Printed books Printed books and brochures 7 %
A_BOOK_ATLAS Map or chart book Atlases and groups of maps and graphics 7 %
A_BOOK_AUDIOBOOK Audiobooks in physical format Audiobooks in physical format 7 %
A_BOOK_GLOBE Spherical maps or diagrams Globes and spherical maps or graphics 7 %
A_BOOK_MAGAZINE Regular publications Journals and other regular publications 7 %
A_BOOK_MAP Schematic representations of land or sea Maps showing land and sea areas schematically 7 %
A_BOOK_ADULT Colouring or activity book for adults Colouring, dot connecting and other activity books for adults 19 %
A_CLTH_BAB General baby clothing Shoes, tops, trousers, tracksuit bottoms and nappy pants 19 %
A_CLTH_CHIL General children's clothing  Shoes, tops, bottoms, sportswear, outerwear and swimwear for children 19 %
A_CLTH_PROTECTIV Sportswear and workwear Safety helmets and work shoes for construction work and industrial environments as well as motorbike and bicycle helmets 19 %
A_FOOD_GE General food products General food, packaged food, sweeteners, sugar, sauces, oatmeal, cornflakes, pasta sauces 7 %
A_FOOD_CAKEDECO Edible cake decoration Glazes, sprinkles, dessert decorations, marzipan decorations and other edible decorations 7 %
A_FOOD_CANFRUI Canned fruit and vegetables Preserved fruit and vegetables 7 %
A_FOOD_CEREALBAR Muesli bar Muesli and breakfast bars without chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_CEREALCHOCBAR Chocolate muesli bar Muesli and breakfast bars with chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_CHOCEREA Chocolate muesli Mueslis with chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_CND Confectionery Chocolate, sweets, brownies and chewing gum 7 %
A_FOOD_COFFE Coffee Coffee beans, ground coffee and beverages containing coffee 7 %
A_FOOD_DAIRY Milk and other dairy products Preserved, fresh and powdered milk, cheese, eggs and egg substitutes, cream, butter, margarine, yoghurt, sour cream, cream cheese and other dairy products and alternatives 7 %
A_FOOD_DESSERT Muesli without chocolate Pudding, ice cream and prepared desserts 7 %
A_FOOD_DRIEDFRUIT Fresh fruit and vegetables Dried fruit and vegetables 7 %
A_FOOD_FLOUR Flour Baking flour and flour mixtures 7 %
A_FOOD_MEATCHICKEN Chicken or other meat fresh, frozen or pre-cooked poultry, beef, fish, sausages, pork, lamb and other meats 7 %
A_FOOD_MISCBEVERAGE Mineral water and non-carbonated drinks/juices Hot chocolate and cocoa, carbonated water, coconut water, flavoured water and other carbonated drinks without juices and lemonades 7 %
A_FOOD_NAAN Naan Naan bread, chapatis and pappadums 7 %
A_FOOD_NCARBWTR Still water Non-carbonated water, coconut water, flavoured water and water with additives 19 %
A_FOOD_OIL Oils Cooking and seasoning oils and vinegar 7 %
A_FOOD_PASTANOODLE Pasta and noodles Uncooked, prepared and frozen pasta and noodles 7 %
A_FOOD_PASTRYCASE Baked goods Pie crust or crust 7 %
A_FOOD_PLAINBISCUIT Biscuits nature Biscuits and pastries without chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_PLAINCRACKER Crackers natural Crackers and crispbread without chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_PLAINNUT Nuts nature Energy bar 7 %
A_FOOD_RICE Rice Plants and plant bulbs 7 %
A_FOOD_SEASONINGS Salt, pepper and other spices Salt, pepper, herbs and spices 7 %
A_FOOD_SNACK Snacks and nibbles without chocolate Snacks without chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_SODAJUICE Soft drinks and juices Soft drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juices 19 %
A_FOOD_SPREAD Spreads Spreads, salsas, dips, jellies, jams, peanut butter and honey 7 %
A_FOOD_SWEETNER Sugar and other sweeteners Snacks without chocolate 7 %
A_FOOD_TEA Tea Tea 7 %
A_FOOD_VEGETABLE Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables Fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables 7 %
A_FOOD_PETFOOD Pet food Food and snacks for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other pets 7 %
A_FOOD_ANIMALFOOD Food for farm animals Food for pigs, cows, horses and other farm animals 7 %
A_FOOD_ANIMALMED Medicine for farm animals Medicine for pigs, cows, horses and other farm animals 19 %
A_FOOD_ANIMALVITAMINS Vitamins for farm animals Vitamins for pigs, cows, horses and other farm animals 19 %
A_HLTH_NUTRITIONBAR Energy bar Energy bar 7 %
A_HLTH_NUTRITIONDRINK Food drinks Food beverages and powders (in liquid and dry form) used as a substitute for food and containing nutritional information and claims 7 %
A_HLTH_PILLCAPSULETABLET Pills and capsules Diet and weight loss pills, capsules and tablets 7 %
A_HLTH_SMOKINGCESSATION Smoking cessation products Pharmaceutical products designed to help people quit smoking 19 %
A_HLTH_SMOKINGGUM Chewing gum for smoking cessation Pharmaceutical chewing gum containing nicotine to help people quit smoking. 19 %
A_HLTH_VITAMINS Vitamins and minerals essential vitamins, multivitamins and herbal/mineral supplements 7 %
A_HPC_CONTRACEPTIVE Condoms and other contraceptives Condoms and other contraceptives 19 %
A_HPC_DIETARYSUPPL Food supplements Dry and liquid products serving as food supplements and labelled as food supplements 7 %
A_HPC_INCONTINENCE Nappies and incontinence aids for adults Nappies for adults 19 %
A_HPC_MEDICINE Other medicines Non-prescription painkillers, over-the-counter medicines, topically applied medicines and ointments, and other general treatment products. 19 %
A_HPC_PPECLOTHING Personal protective equipment (PPE): Protective clothing Medical capsules, medical gowns, medical covers and clothing used in sanitary facilities to protect the wearer 19 %
A_HPC_PPEMASKS Personal protective equipment (PPE): Masks Masks for PPE and surgical masks 19 %
A_HPC_PPESANITISER Disinfectant Hand disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant lotions, disinfectant foam and medical disinfectants 19 %
A_HPC_SANITARYPRODUCTS Feminine hygiene and other hygiene products Sanitary towels, tampons and other hygiene products 7 %
A_HPC_THERMOMETER Thermometer Reusable thermometers made of plastic, glass or other durable and reusable materials 19 %
A_HPC_WALKINGSTICK Walking sticks and other mobility aids Walking sticks 19 %
A_HPC_WHEELCHAIR Wheelchairs Manually operated wheelchairs 7 %
A_OUTDOOR_FUEL Firewood and outdoor cooking fuels Barbecue fuels (coal, briquettes, wood and kindling) and firewood for kindling and cooking, as well as firewood in logs, billets, twigs, pellets, bundles of brushwood or similar forms. 7 %
A_OUTDOOR_FERTILIZER Fertiliser Fertiliser 19 %
A_OUTDOOR_LAWNCONTROL Insecticides, plant protection products and fungicides Insecticides, plant protection products and fungicides 19 %
A_OUTDOOR_PLANTFOOD Plant food Plant food 7 %
A_OUTDOOR_PLANTS Plant bulbs and other plants Plants and plant bulbs 7 %
A_OUTDOOR_SEEDS Plant seeds Plant seeds 7 %
A_BABY_BIBCLOTH Baby Bib Baby Bib 19 %
A_BABY_CARSEAT Car seats for babies and children Booster seats and car seats for infants and toddlers 19 %
A_BABY_NAPPIES Baby or children's nappies Nappies for babies and toddlers 19 %
A_GEN_NOTAX Outside the scope of the turnover tax Gift cards and Vouchers




With this Amazon tax code list, you have all the information you need to guarantee that your product codes are correct. Do you have any further questions about the list or are you interested in Amazon SEO? Then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you at any time. Feel free to send us a message – without any obligation, of course.

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