February 17, 2023

Amazon Sustainability Accelerator: What it is and how it works

Amazon recently unveiled the Sustainability Accelerator, a new program aimed at promoting and accelerating sustainability within the company. The focus is on energy efficiency, waste reduction and packaging. In this article, we will therefore take a closer look at the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator and explain how it works. Furthermore, we will talk about the new episode of the Amazon Podcast.

What is the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?

The Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is an internal program launched by Amazon to achieve the company's sustainability goals. The main focus is on optimizing the use of energy and resources, avoiding waste and developing more sustainable packaging. The program is designed to help Amazon minimize its environmental impact while saving costs.

How does the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator work?

The Amazon Sustainability Accelerator works through the use of technology and innovation. Accordingly, participants in the program have access to various tools and resources to help them make their processes and products more sustainable. These include training and workshops, for example, but also financial support and mentoring.

Amazon also relies on partnerships with other companies and organizations to further strengthen and improve the program. The goal is to help Sustainability Accelerator participants turn their ideas and projects into reality.

What are the goals of the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?

The goal of the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is to promote and accelerate sustainability within the company. In doing so, it also aims to inspire and encourage other companies and organizations to pursue their own sustainability goals.

New Amazon Podcast Episode

Andreas Müller, Co-Managing Director of Deltatecc, has been active in various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto and Check24 since 2003. In the podcast with Jan Bechler, he shares his insights and experiences on how Deltatecc has been able to hold its own in the world of e-commerce and why its own logistics center is so important for the company. Today, Deltatecc uses its market experience and strength to position itself as a marketplace service provider for brand manufacturers and to advocate for more recognition of medium-sized e-commerce among politicians. You can listen to the current episode of the podcast on all popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music.

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