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Content Optimization

For customers and for the search algorithm on Amazon: We optimize your product data so that title, bullet points and description not only appear appealing and informative to your buyers, but also contain relevant keywords.
A+ Content
With A+ Content, brand owners can present their products even more attractively. More space for expressive images, convincing text and clever design results in a higher conversion rate. We create successful A+ Content for your products – and put your brand in the spotlight at the same time. This increases visibility and customers automatically become aware of your other products. Of course, we will also submit the finished A+ Content to you for approval.
Amazon SEO
Meaningful and specially tailored to the needs of Amazon customers: Our optimised content optimally stages your product with relevant information. This is the basis for your success on Amazon, because only convincing content ensures first-class rankings in search results and ultimately sales. You retain full control: We send you our optimised listing in advance for approval.
Review Management
Ratings and reviews play an important role on Amazon in the purchasing decision of your customers. An above-average number of negative reviews can significantly influence the performance of your products. Therefore, continuous and targeted review management is crucial for lasting success on Amazon. Furthermore, reviews are not only relevant for customers, but also give you as a provider valuable feedback on your products. We assist you with software-supported monitoring and support you in all aspects of review management on Amazon.
Brand Stores
With Brand Stores Amazon offers your brand space to present itself appropriately. Similar to product-related A+ content on the article page, Brand Stores give customers the opportunity to learn more about your brand and product portfolio. Plus, external traffic is measurable with Brand Stores, allowing you to effectively integrate your Brand Store into external campaigns. We design your Brand Store – specifically tailored to your goals.
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