June 11, 2021

Amazon Seller Registration: What the new video calls are all about

Since recently, there is a new option for registering with Amazon Seller Registration. This is a live video call. In this article, we would like to show you what this is all about and what you need to bear in mind.

Steps in Amazon Seller Registration

Before you verify yourself with Amazon, you must first provide some other information. At the beginning, you enter data about your company. The next two steps are the seller information and the marketplaces where you want to sell products. Then you have to enter billing information and save the information you have entered so far. Now, however, the verification is still missing. For this, you could previously either order an Amazon employee to your business address or meet at a location specified by Amazon for verification. Recently, these two options have been supplemented by a live video call. We now present the details to you. If you need more information regarding the first steps as an Amazon Seller, you can find everything about costs, products and Amazon SEO in this post.

New: Live video call

You need to make an appointment for the Amazon Seller Registration video call. You should keep about 30 minutes free for this. In addition, in some cases a passcode will be sent to your business address by post. Before the call, you should make sure that you are in a quiet environment. The day after you confirm the appointment, you will receive an email from Amazon with more information.


You need to have some documents ready for verification via live video call. These include an official and valid photo ID. You will also need a bank or credit card statement issued within the last 180 days. So be sure to have everything handy at the appointment.

Data protection

Some video calls are recorded and stored by Amazon. This is the case because security and quality are to be guaranteed. Overall, the calls are also intended to deny fake accounts access to a seller account. In the past, these have repeatedly caused fake products to be offered on Amazon. In addition, your identification documents will be carefully checked so that your identity can be confirmed.

Further notes

For verification via live video call, you can use a classic PC, a laptop or a smartphone with integrated front camera. The preferred languages are German and English. If you want to have the conversation in another language, you can bring a person with you to translate for you.


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That was the most important information about the video calls in the Amazon Seller Registration. Do you need additional information about verification or have general questions about Amazon optimisation? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply write us a message - of course, completely without obligation.

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