February 2, 2021

Amazon Pricing: New Features for Sellers

If you want to sell your own products as an Amazon Seller, it is important that customers can add them to their shopping cart. In this article, we will therefore show you which new functions are available for Amazon pricing. Furthermore, we inform you about the split of the stock quantity limit per ASIN between the EU and the UK.

What to look for in Amazon pricing

As an Amazon Seller, it is imperative that you take the new features into account when setting prices. Otherwise, your products may lose the right to be placed in the shopping cart. Amazon provides these functions for all sellers with the "Professional" tariff. With the help of the new functions, you can now monitor which of your products do not have authorisation. This can be the case, for example, if your product is much more expensive than on other online marketplaces or Amazon itself. You should consequently adjust the pricing or have this process automated. You will then regain authorisation for the shopping cart. If you are not sure whether your products meet the requirements, you should check your Amazon pricing as soon as possible.

Stock quantity restrictions per ASIN

Brexit has led to several changes and circumstances for Amazon sellers in the new year. These included the new division of stock between the EU and the UK. Amazon has therefore announced that the former stock quantity restrictions per ASIN have also been split because of the changes. From now on, the restrictions apply once for the UK and once for the EU. The restrictions serve to prevent products that are in low demand from being stored in Amazon's logistics centres.

How to check the storage quantity restrictions

To check the stock quantity restrictions, you must first open Amazon Seller Central. There you then select the corresponding shop. For the United Kingdom, select "UK" or for the European Union, select any country in the EU. Then click on "Replenish stock". On this page you can also download a stock report. If you are interested in more information on Brexit, you can find a post on the new VAT guidelines in our blog.

That was the most important information on the changes to Amazon pricing and stock quantity restrictions per ASIN. Do you need additional information on either of these topics or have questions about Amazon SEO? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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