March 10, 2021

Amazon Phishing Mail: How you can protect yourself

Since Amazon phishing mails have increasingly become a problem, we would like to present a few Amazon recommendations today that you can use to protect yourself from scammers. We also go into the new promotion for the Amazon Transport Partner Programme. Finally, we have a few tips for when you can't log into your Seller Central account.

What is an Amazon Phishing Mail?

A phishing mail usually asks the recipient to enter or update data. This can be, for example, personal data or account data. Another popular scam is content that can be viewed after logging into a site. In this way, the scammers obtain the victim's log-in data. In an Amazon phishing mail, they therefore try to make you believe that the message comes from Amazon.

How to recognise fraudsters

If you are asked to pass on payment data in an email that supposedly comes from Amazon, you should set off alarm bells. You will never be asked to do this in an email from Amazon. You should also pay attention to the sender's address, as this often reveals the dubious origin of the message. Incorrect spelling also indicates a phishing attempt. If a message seems suspicious to you, you should forward it to Amazon immediately.

Transport Partner Programme: Save up to 80

Amazon sellers can save big with a new promotion in April. The promotion allows you to save 80% off the normal fees for the Amazon Transport Partner Programme. Please note that only domestic shipments are eligible for the promotion. The savings offer applies to Germany, Italy, Spain and France and runs until the end of September 2021. For more information on the conditions of participation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Help with log-in problems

Amazon has recently pointed out how you should proceed in case of log-in problems. First, check that you are entering your email address and password in the correct combination. Also watch out for spaces in the password. When verifying with a code, you must use the code you received last. It is also often helpful to delete your browser cookies. If problems occur despite these measures, you can always direct your questions to us.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Do you have any further questions about phishing mails or the transport partner programme? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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