April 28, 2021

Amazon Inventory: How Sellers Avoid Long-Term Fees

In April, we ran a promotion that allowed sellers to free up space in your Amazon inventory. After the fact, we'd like to show you how to spot products that are charging you unnecessarily. In addition, the quantity limit for ASINs has been changed. Furthermore, Amazon has introduced new size designations for clothing.

How to recognize unused inventory

Amazon's free returns promotion may be over, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention now to which products may be taking up space for other inventory. You can find an overview in Seller Central under "Overstock". There you can remove relevant stock that is only costing you money because it has been stored for a longer period of time. You can also see directly which products are not for sale. Under "Stock without active listings" you can identify items that currently have no active Amazon listing. In our blog you will also soon find an article on Amazon inventory policies.

Helium 10 Inventory Protector

If you need further support regarding your Amazon inventory, we can recommend a tool that takes care of numerous tasks for you: Helium 10 Inventory Protector. From ordering new goods to managing the existing inventory, the tool is a great help. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use. You can find more information in this article.

ASIN Quantity restriction

Amazon has announced that as of April 22, there will no longer be ASIN quantity limits for products of any kind. This is because they will be replaced with replenishment limits to allow sellers to be more flexible. See the FAQ for replenishment limits for more detailed information regarding the maximum number of items. If you need detailed information at this point, please write to us briefly and without obligation.

Size designations for clothing

Starting April 26, new size attributes will apply to clothing on Amazon. This applies to items in pants, shorts, dungarees, bras, underwear, hats, shirts, skirts, briefs, corsets, and swimwear. Previously, sellers could always choose how they described the size of a clothing item. Now there are standardized descriptions like bottoms_size, shapewear_size or headwear_size.

That was the most important Amazon news this week. Do you have any further questions about the new replenishment restrictions or perhaps about Amazon stock? We are happy to help you in this regard with advice and action. Just write us a message - of course completely without obligation.

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