April 13, 2021

Amazon DSP: How to reach external target groups

In addition to advertising on Amazon itself, sellers also have the option of placing ads outside the platform. In this article, we explain how you can use Amazon DSP for this task. In addition, we show some differences to Amazon PPC and clarify what the Amazon DSP Enterprise Self-Service actually is. Finally, of course, we share our own experiences with you.

What is Amazon DSP?

DSP stands for "Demand Side Platform". With the help of this platform, you can purchase different types of ads, which are either displayed on Amazon itself or on external sites. This also applies to different apps. The same design is used for all target devices. Sites that can place DSP ads include IMDb, for example. The interesting thing about Amazon DSP is that not only Amazon sellers can buy ads, but also sellers who do not sell anything on Amazon.

Targeting options

Amazon DSP offers several targeting options. These enable a target group-oriented advertising campaign. With the targeting option "Lifestyle", for example, you can address customers who have already purchased items from your product category. Through "Retargeting" you can also reach recipients who are already interested in one of your products. If they are then on Amazon, it is more likely that the ad will encourage them to buy your product after all. A user's past searches are also included in the "behavioural" targeting option. You can also project the behaviour of your existing customers onto other users and thus target them to search for and buy similar products. This option is called "Lookalike Audience". Via the "Advertisers Audience", you can also reach existing customers of your website on other platforms.

Advertising forms

Sellers have three different options for placing ads with Amazon DSP. On the one hand you can buy display ads, on the other hand ads within videos and audio tracks. Display ads are shown to users of PCs, smartphones or tablets. In this context, a distinction is also made between different ads that are either displayed within apps or that fill the entire screen. Video ads are accordingly a component of a display ad or - like most YouTube ads - a stand-alone video.

Difference to PPC

The first important difference to PPC ads is that Amazon DSP ads are not only displayed on Amazon itself and websites owned by Amazon. This is because these ads can also be displayed on third-party websites, which can of course increase your reach immensely. Furthermore, PPC ads only ever lead to the respective Amazon listing. DSP ads, on the other hand, can also be used to attract customers to your own website. Accordingly, another advantage is that this advertising option is not only available to Amazon sellers, as is the case with Amazon PPC. In addition, billing is not based on clicks but on how often your ads are viewed. In addition, with Amazon DSP you have more options to design your ads as you wish, whereas with PPC ads you are significantly more limited. In addition, the various targeting options make it easier to reach your target group.

Amazon DSP Enterprise Self-Service

Self-service means that you have to take care of your DSP ads completely and do without any help from Amazon. You don't need too much of a budget for this. At 9,000 euros for three months, you can get away with it very well and don't have to pay over 30,000 euros per month for support from Amazon. However, not every company can become an Amazon DSP agency, because a company must already have Amazon experience. Therefore, we are happy to advise you together with our partner BidX. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us here.

Amazon DSP Experience

One of the clear benefits of Amazon DSP is that it increases your reach, which helps you attract new customers. Amazon data makes optimised targeting possible. This also includes the very effective retargeting of customers who have already viewed your articles. Less positive, however, is the less transparent measurement of the success of advertisements by Amazon DSP. In addition, the conversion rate can only be measured to a limited extent. For inexperienced users, working with Amazon DSP can be a high hurdle at the beginning, as the training is quite complicated. We therefore recommend that you contact an Amazon DSP agency.

As far as Amazon DSP costs are concerned, you must expect to spend a certain budget of around 9,000 euros per month. This is a disadvantage for smaller companies, which cannot benefit from the advantages as a result. Nevertheless, we accompany our clients in the creation and optimisation of their Amazon DSP campaigns. With the right strategy, Amazon DSP can become one of the most lucrative advertising channels for Amazon sellers.

That was the most important information about advertising with Amazon DSP. Do you have any further questions about the advantages and disadvantages or need help with Amazon optimisation? Then please feel free to contact us. We are always available to give you advice and support. Feel free to send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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