January 20, 2021

Amazon Brexit Webinar: Find out about selling to the UK

Many Amazon sellers have had to prepare their business for Brexit in recent months. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind even after the introduction of the new customs border. Amazon is offering a webinar this week just for that. In the other webinars, you will also be informed about advertising opportunities in the new year. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the Amazon tips, which you can use to find out about innovations even before the Amazon Brexit webinar.

When will the Amazon Brexit webinar take place?

This week, Amazon will inform you about Brexit not just once, but on two different dates. So, if you don't have time for one, you can still attend the other. We have therefore listed the dates of the two Brexit webinars and the other events:

  • 20 Jan. 10 a.m.: Amazon Brexit Webinar
    • In this webinar, Amazon will inform you about selling and shipping across the new customs border.
  • 20 Jan. 2 p.m.: Amazon Brexit Webinar
    • This webinar repeats the content of the 10am event.
  • 21 Jan. 11 a.m.: Amazon Advertising 2021
    • Here, Amazon Sellers gives you an introduction to promotions you can use to boost your sales in the new year.
  • 26 Jan. 11 a.m.: Amazon Flywheel
    • This event is about building your brand and improving customer reviews
  • 28 Jan. 11 a.m.: Amazon Shipping
    • For this webinar, Amazon has invited experts who will give you tips for Amazon shipping.

If you miss a webinar, you can view it later in the Amazon webinar library. If you have any further questions regarding registration for the Seller webinars, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Amazon info on Brexit

Amazon recently published an overview of FAQs about Brexit. Among other things, it dealt with possible problems at the new customs border and the best shipping method when shipping through sellers. So that you don't miss anything, we have compiled the most important information for you.

Problems at the customs border

The first question answered was whether problems at the new customs border would affect seller performance. Amazon has responded to these concerns by relaxing the thresholds for late deliveries, cancellations and order defects until January 31, 2021. Thereafter, it will be reviewed whether this will continue to be necessary. However, you should still make an effort to comply with all specifications.

Shipping method when shipped by seller

When asked about the best shipping method for shipping by sellers, Amazon responded by saying that it depends entirely on the product. Many shipping providers also offer a service where customs duties and VAT can be paid by the customer before delivery. When Amazon ships to the UK, you also need to be aware of the new VAT guidelines. If you have not yet read up on the new regulations, you can find an article on this topic here.

These were the most important Amazon news of the week. Do you need additional information about the Amazon Brexit webinar, or do you have general questions about Amazon SEO? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply send us a message – without any obligation of course.

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