September 10, 2021

Amazon Brand registry: What to consider

As an Amazon seller, you can not only offer your own products. You can also register your brand on Amazon and accordingly establish another unique selling proposition. Today we would like to show you step by step how you can register your brand. After that, we will go into the importance of A+ content. We'll also take a look at the form of advertising that you can use to make your brand more visible: Sponsored Brands.

What is important before registration

If you want to register your brand with Amazon, you must first check whether you also meet the relevant requirements. First, you should have a brand. This can be either a graphic or a lettering. You must also already have a registered brand before you also register it with Amazon. This applies to each country in which you then also want to offer the respective products. But don't worry: If the state registration of the brand is still ongoing, you can still start with the registration at Amazon. You should also have your brand number ready, both from WIPO and EUIPO as well as the national number. Always make sure that you comply with the requirements for each country. For the brand text, you must keep in mind that it must correspond to the brand name you indicate in the application. If you want to sell products with the brand name, the brand must be visibly displayed on the items.

Register Amazon Brand

When applying, you must keep in mind that it must be filed by the owner of the brand. For the application, as already mentioned, you need an active and registered brand and the corresponding numbers. You also need to specify in which product categories you want to sell items under the brand name. Amazon then verifies all the information provided to ensure that only genuine brand owners can register your brand. After the verification you will receive a confirmation code, which you have to send back to Amazon. Thereupon your registration is complete!

A+ Content Optimization

Once you've completed registration, you can start optimizing your brand right away. With the help of A+ content, you can showcase your brand story and the features of your branded products. This content is used to improve your Amazon listing. As a result, you can significantly increase your conversion rate. We are happy to help you create A+ content. Our services include the production of high-quality photos, which we have created by professional photographers, and the translation of Amazon listings by native speakers. You can find more information about content optimization here.

Amazon Advertising with Sponsored Brands

Amazon Advertising comes in different forms. For brand owners, advertising with Sponsored Brands is an excellent way to highlight the benefits of their own brand. Accordingly, you can start creating Sponsored Brands campaigns directly after registration. The ads are then placed clearly visible for Amazon customers under the search bar. There, users will then see three of your products and thus get an insight into your portfolio. With a click, they are redirected to your own Amazon store, to a link you specify, or to another landing page. We design engaging Sponsored Brands campaigns and place them based on the most promising keywords to best reach your customers - and turn interested parties into customers. If you need help creating ad campaigns on Amazon, feel free to drop us a line!

That was all the important information you need to register your Amazon brand. Do you have any further questions about Amazon Advertising with Sponsored Brands or need help with Amazon SEO? Then feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you with words and deeds. Feel free to send us a message - without any obligation, of course.

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