January 27, 2021

Amazon Advertising: Selling successfully in 2021

You are an Amazon Seller and want to optimize your online sales this year? Then the webinars on Amazon Advertising could be interesting for you! In this article, we will inform you about the topics covered in the webinars. In addition, you should know that you can now include buyers' VAT information in order reports. Finally, we will inform you about the newly introduced product types on Amazon.

Webinars on Amazon Advertising

Amazon will soon be offering interested sellers a series of webinars where you can learn about Amazon Advertising. These tips can be very useful for your sales success this year. The webinars will take place over a period of four weeks. To participate, you should already have some basic knowledge of advertising. To maximise your success, the topics covered will include developing an advertising strategy and optimising your ad spend. In addition, the Amazon webinars will inform you about budgets, keywords and targeting strategies. You will also be supported by an expert in Amazon Advertising. As capacities are limited, you should hurry up with your registration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

VAT information for order reports

As of now, Amazon sellers have the option to include buyers' VAT information in order reports. You must follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the selection "Add or remove columns in the order report".
  2. There you must then activate tax IDs and the name of the company.
  3. You must then save the selection.
  4. After that, you should see these columns:
    • buyer-tax-registration-id
    • buyer-tax-registration-country
    • buyer-tax-registration-type
    • buyer-company-name

However, you can only make this change if you have the user permissions to manage orders and order reports. If a buyer does not have VAT information stored in their account, you will need to use the information that is available to you. Also, if you are interested in the new VAT guidelines for selling to the UK, you can find all the information here.

New product types on Amazon

Amazon made some changes in January to optimise the product detail pages of Amazon Listings. Accordingly, new product types were introduced. If you are creating a new listing soon, you can now select the new product types in Seller Central. Amazon also points out that the new product types and attributes will not affect existing listings.

These were the most important Amazon news of the week. Do you need additional information about the Amazon Advertising webinars, or do you have general questions about Amazon SEO? We will be happy to provide you with advice and support in this regard. Simply send us a message - without obligation, of course.

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